Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Outlandish Traveller Guide: Snapshots of the Least Remarkable Landmarks. (Part One)


There is nothing outlandish in these pictures; actually, most of them are the very usual pictures you will find on travel blogs, even less exciting than many other articles written by others. 

If there’s anything or anyone out-landish here, that will be me, the person who took the pictures, in the sense of being a foreigner, a non-native witness of the scene.

You may recognize a few landmarks (like the Golden Gate Bridge, or Jamaa Lefna) but every time, something in them is undermined that you will not be able to recognize them without reading the caption. Sometimes its the wholeness of the scene, sometimes the angle from which the picture was taken.

There are people, animals, signs, but really, it’s all about places. All elements here are landmarks, but they are the least remarkable landmarks, so unexceptional that they seize to be landmarks at all.

All pictures were taken by my own camera, (sometimes a mobile phone). Very few of them were taken by other people, but all of them, without exception, were taken using my own devices.

Part 1: Inside and out of airplane windows:

The brain is wider than the sky,

For, put them side by side,

The one the other will include

With ease, and you beside

Emily Dickinson

The human race had dreamt of flying throughout its entire history; there’s barely a work of imagination that does not call this dream to mind. But once it succeeded in making the first flight, the human race developed new phobia: the fear of flying. 
Having a window seat may work very well if you are claustrophobic, but not when you have fear of flying.
Still, a window seat is a great thing, and flying for the hundredth time will always be as fascinating as the first time.

 Turkish airlines. Destination: Amman. June 2013.

Air France. Destination: New York. January 2011.

Turskish airlines. Destination: Jordan, May 2012.

Turkish Airlines, landing. View of Istanbul. May 2012.

Jet Blue. Flying to Boston. March 2013.

Jet Blue. Flying to Boston. March 2013.

Jordanian airlines. Flying back to Tunis, July 2013. What you can see below is an amazing haze hovering over  a completely clear sky.

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