Friday, 22 July 2011

on "Encounters with Women" series

"Encounters with Women" is a series of posts that comprise stories based on personal experience with women I have met mostly accidentally, and mostly only once in my life.  The reason why I decided to start this series is simple:
Women have always fascinated me.  I believe in women, and in the power of women, of what they can do if they are given the opportunity, the means, and the ability to connect with each other.  I have seen women save whole families from disintegration, and save themselves from total breakdown, women who had no education, no money, no social status, no authority whatsoever, the only power they had was the power of believing, believing in themselves and in in what they can do.
The series of encounter with women is meant to introduce stories about women whom I had met at different stages of my life, and who were instrumental in changing my attitude about crucial issues, or women who had simply left a print on my soul. I intend by this series to introduce the richness of the women’s world, its depth and richness, its difficulties and the challenges they faced and still face.   

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